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Shop - Climbing Roses

Rose Pink Climbing Hybrid Tea

Autumn Sunset
Apricot Blend Shrub rose

Cl. Cecile Brunner
Light Pink Climber

Cl. Iceberg
Pure White Climbing Floribunda, Very vigorous grower

Cl. Pinkie
Rose Pink Climbing Polyantha rose Earth-kind Rose®

Don Juan
Dark Red Hybrid tea climber

Dublin Bay
Medium Red Climber

Fourth of July (Pat. #11,518)
Red Blend Climber  

Lady Ashe
Fragrant climbing sure to be a favorite!

New Dawn
Blush Pink Climber Earth-Kind Rose®

Peggy Martin
  A Pink Climber "The rose that survived Hurricane Katrina "   

Pink Don Juan
Dark Pink Climber  

Red Cascade
Dark Red Groundcover

Seminole Fire™ (KORuetroko) PP #23,592

Seminole Wind (a.ka. Rosarium Uetersen)
Not currently available for sale.
Coral Pink Climber