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  Chamblee's Rose Nursery, Your Beginning and End for a Great Selection of Roses!


Next Ship date: Date: June 6th 

Next ship date June 6, 2016 for these states below

California, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington


           "Original Source of Earth-Kind® Landscape Roses"

    "Environmentally Friendly Roses for Environmentally Responsible People"            

Chamblee's Rose Nursery is located in Tyler, Texas, the rose capital of the world. We have been a family owned and operated business since 1953, and our specialty has always been roses. Our goal is to offer an excellent quality rose at a reasonable price. All roses are guaranteed to be strong, healthy, and true to variety.

We offer over 200 varieties of roses, available for mail order shipment. Chamblee's Rose Nursery prides itself in growing some of the finest roses anywhere. From cutting to finished roses, you can not beat the quality and care given to a Chamblee's Rose. Feel free to shop on line or request a printed catalog.

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Chamblee's Gift Cards can be purchased and accepted for payment by phone and in store only. Gift cards can be purchased for any amount and do not expire.

Ordering Details:

Please complete online order form with first and last name. Current physical Fed Ex ground shipping address. This includes Apt. numbers, Suite numbers etc. As there may be an additional charge for an incorrect Fed Ex shipping address. Any and all other detailed information as requested.

  • We ONLY ship 1 gallon own-root container roses, and only via Fed Ex for retail orders. Size of plant depends on when it was propagated, and the rate of growth. Generally, plants are 6 inches to 1 foot tall. We do not ship outside of the United States. If you choose a to early ship date we reserve the right to wait and ship in your zones shipping time. These are not grafted roses that need to be planted early.
  • Shipping cost is based on current FED EX home delivery rates and the total weight of the roses you order.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, checks, and money orders.
  • Check/Money orders need to be received one(1) week prior to your selected ship date. After ship date has expired and payment has not been received, orders are subject to cancellation by Chamblee's if not notified by customer to make other payment arrangements.
  • All orders have to be paid prior to shipping.
  • Phone-Online orders: Credit cards will be processed up to 21 days prior to your ship date. No orders taken on Mondays for same Monday's shipping.
  •  Orders will be shipped on the date you select, providing all order requirements have been met. No further notice will be sent.
  • Any changes or additions to an original online order, made by phone, will be done in house and not reflect on your original online order for you to see. A $2.00 change of order will be applied to each change made.

Disclaimer: Please note that most of the pictures and descriptions of the roses in our catalog and on our web site were provided by the companies introducing the varieties. Colors, bloom size,  fragrance, width and height can vary with the time of the season and geographical location of the plant in the landscape.

Guarantee: 90 days  We guarantee our roses to be strong, healthy, and true to variety. If your rose does not survive the 90 day time period, or at ANY time you have  a question or a problem pertaining to your rose, Please notify us immediately. (No one knows our roses like we do, as the grower.) We will offer a one time replacement, issue a credit or a refund(less the shipping charges) of the rose(s) only. We may ask you to provide pictures to help solve any issue that may be going on. We suggest you choose roses for your zone. Please protect from abnormal weather conditions. If you need assistance as to what to do, please contact us immediately. We will not be responsible for neglect or conditions beyond our control. All roses need to be planted in the ground as soon as possible. We cannot control the handling of the rose once it leaves our nursery. We do instruct proper handling of the boxes, at times there may be some damage. Please call immediately if there is. Do NOT throw away boxing until you have contacted us. We may request pictures of boxes as well to be sent to us. We may request return shipment of the rose for evaluation.